The Amazing Storyteller

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The Amazing Storyteller

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Ever been in a mat then something debatable happens? You realize that there is that one person who waits for the opportune time and keeps conversing as he tries to create fun & pun out of the situation. This is always “AN AMAZING STORYTELLER”.

Think of a fellow passenger who fails to songea mwenzake ili wakae watu wanne on that seat designated for 3 people(behind the driver on backbench). The Amazing Storyteller starts hitting the road running when he suddenly says, “Hii gari si yako, kama hutaki kusongea mtu ushuke. Kwani sisi tuko special juu tumefinyana?” OR “tunaenda home, haina haja ya kujifanya wewe ni mkubwa wao huwezi songa”. “Unasahu ukifika stage bado utatembea ukienda kwa nyumba yako. Hii si gari yako ikupeleke kwa mlango.”

Amazing Storytellers(consciously on unconsciously) will always do a stand up comedy regardless of whether there is an audience or not. To him, he is sure that someone’s listening and he ensures the comedy runs until he alights from the ride. The fellow who is always dragged along the conversation is just the makanga who will be required to respond and give his piece of mind regardless of whether he is interested or not.

To be an amazing storyteller, one has to possess the following characteristics:

a. Keen on happenings within/ around him.

b. Loudest.

c. Exhibit confidence even if there signs of exaggeration.

d. Have extra details that act as evidence to what you say.

e. Ensure that you side with the konda or else, “utanyamazishwa”

f. Have content and say it all until you jump off the ride.

g. Mention unnecessary details e.g. your name, where your work, occupation(most are always engineers – but never specifies the exact type).

h. Have a sense of humor – This is very key iff you want to keep me tuned to your broadcasting frequency.

This list is endless I can’t exhaust it, unless you want to make me the AMAZING…

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