Pay Less While Standing

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Pay Less While Standing

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After an awesome working day… On my way home. Tuko stage(mimi na wasafiri wengine). To be precise, I board matatus that ply route 2(Dagoretti Mkt)- or rather Ndonyo vile zinajulikana. At the stage, there are two 14-seater matatus zote zikiita customers, “Ongwaro 40 Ongwaro 40 Ongwaro 40…(yaani Kawangware 40 bob). I pay less attention to them-unless it is rainy-because I have a feeling of being robbed(bear with me that’s how I describe overcharged). Infact! Let’s stop talking about them!!!

Approaching the stage is a modern, pimped, cool, with hype & swag… (add your awesome description) 25 seater matatu. “Ongwaro 30… Ongwaro 30… Ongwaro 30”. I decide to board it and take my seat. “Muziki nayo!”(Help me say it in English). Everyone gets comfortable and goes about his business(sura ya kazi na kuuma ndimu- Nyumba kumi initiative has no space here) and soon we are ready to start our journey.

Our ride is full so Mr. driver as expected gently accelerates(anakanyaga mafuta) only for the touts’ tune to change; “Ongwaro 20 kusimama… Ongwaro 20 kusimama… Ongwaro 20 kusimama”… (20 shillings for those who wish to stand). “Aiiii!!!” My neighbour murmurs. No sooner does he join the standing passengers, than the Head of Fare & Passenger Management shouts, “Wewe unatupima? Hebu shuka… tembeza na si tafadhali(some words withheld)”. Away from that, I just realize how cheap it is to travel while standing than seated. Kusimama means taking over from the path way. Kumaanisha utakuwa ukikanyagwa(kiasi tu).

PRO TIP: All you got to do so as to ‘pay less’ is just be at the stage(at a radius of 60cm to 1.5metres away from the matatu) as if you never use the matatu to get home, wait until all seats are occupied, then it will be turn to be called in at an attractive rate(to continue standing while in motion).

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