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90’s vs Now.. #TumetokaMbali

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Snap preview of the 90’s vs Now…. #TumetokaMbali

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How to ‘dandia a ma3’

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Its unfortunate that whilst this is a very cool Nairobi culture i.e jumping on to a moving matatu; many have injured themselves and even died while trying to do it.

I remember the first time I did it as a 10 year old and it felt awesome, I however do remember times I have hurt myself doing it. So below are a few tips on how to ‘dandia a ma3’


  1. Don’t dandia while its on acceleration. Gravity and a lot of physics stuff are usually happening.
  2. Don’t dandia while theres a policeman nearby. Either you/ the matatu might be apprehended.
  3. Don’t dandia while you are drank. One is usually not stable enough to withstand the matatu’s pull ( Again gravity, Lots of physics stuff :-)
  4. ….. Figure out  and add to the list.


  1. The driver is aware that you want to jump on so that he doesn’t accelerate.
  2. If the driver is not aware or he is moving on a steady line, dandia/ drop off near a bump because the matatu is usually moving slowly at this time.
  3. ….. Figure out and add to the list.

Steps to dandia a mat:

  1. Hold the ‘chuma’ which is usually around the entrance.
  2. Jump on with one of your feet while moving at the matatu’s speed
  3. Pull your body onboard the ma3

Steps to dropping off a ma3:

  1. Ensure the matatu is not accelerating.
  2. Hold the chuma’ around the entrance with the right hand facing forward.
  3. Put left foot down followed by right foot.
  4. Continue moving ahead at ma3’s pace.
  5. Let go of the ‘chuma’


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The Difference is clear

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What I go through every morning is very clear!!

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Using 100/- to get 50/-

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So a mathee shukad a mat and remembered she had left 50 shillings change kwa ma3.. So she took a bike and paid a 100/- to get to the mat then got her 50/- back :-/

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Just checked the Oxford Dictionary, on matatu vocabulary. There is a new word recently introduced. “MANSPREADING” which is used to describe those people — usually men — who sit and take up two spaces in a matatu.

Hey Ladiesss! Now you know the name for those people who squeeze you while seating kwa mat.


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New Route ALERT!

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New Route in TOWN!
Killeton SACCO is happy to announce their new routes effective 1st September, 2015.
The new route will see these matatus ply between the following:

1. Yaya Centre to Ngara via by-pass.
2. Kileleshwa to Ngara.
3. Lavingtone to Ngara.

They have set a standard fare of 40/= on their new throughout the day.
As Matatu Mobi we shall keep in touch to inform you of the latest developments

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Shuka na Jam

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This is a common phrase used by the konda when approaching the stage but there is some traffic snarl-ups causing slow movement of cars. This at times turns out to be a risky affair especially when the police or kanjo are around.

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Panda mat na ashu

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Nowadays kupanda mat lazma ukuwe na #ashu ndo urudishiwe noty (note) i.e If the matatu is 60/ you pay 110/ and get 50 bob note as change. If the mat is 40/ you pay 60/ and get 20 coin note as change. In short shortage ni coins za 10 bob.

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