10 Bob is the Difference

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Ten Kenya Shilllings coin (10/=)

10 Bob is the Difference

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Surprised! Just the other day at the stage, while chilling to catch a mat at Namba nane stage(Prestige), Wanyee-Satellite onboarders treated us to a non-rehearsed but well performed short drama when in solidarity, they angamizad ‘kulipishwa fare si ya kawaida’. During the peak hours(baada ya kazi as one may call it), the standard charges(fare) from Namba nane to Kabiria(via Wanyee & Satellite), is 30 bob.

On this day, one of the matatu operators decided to chokoza utulivu wa wasafiri when on arrival, he called them in “Wanyee Kabiria 40bob!!’ No sooner had he uttered those words than he was booed at by the passengers in unity,  “EEEEEEEEEEHHH!!! Aaaaiiiiihhh!”

One guy shouted, “Enda peke yako!”

Another one, “Kwani utatushukisha kwa mlango?”

The other one, “Kwani iko na auto-driver?”

The protest must have made the konda realize & keep in mind that 10 bob can let you have a duo trip – konda na dere pekee yao.

I think the next time he wished to increase the rates, he would have to think twice.

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